V/A - Secret Friends Fest 2014 Compilation


This tape was created in conjunction with Secret Friends Fest and was only given away for free at the event on January 10th/11th at the Loving Touch Lounge in Ferndale, MI. The tape was never available for sale online, and was limited to 150 hand numbered copies (JPR-007). Artwork direction and layout by Nicholas Gagnon of Obliquitous Art And Design.

1. Fuck It - George Morris And The Gypsy Chorus
2. Cause A Scene - TART
3. Song For The Wrong - After Dark Amusement Park
4. Guts - Haunted House

5. Hesitation - Autumn Wolf
6. Runnin' Me Down - Silent Lions
7. Secret Side Of Me - Alexis

1. YUM – YUM
2. Green Eyes - The HandGrenades
3. Break It Off - FAWN
4. Like A Virgin - Tunde Olaniran
5. Khaleesi - Odd Hours 
6. Red Ride In Hollywood - 500 Club
7. Promenade - The Kickstand Band

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