Shane Devon - "Strange New Thing" EP

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Jett Plastic Recordings is proud to announce, in collaboration with Five By Five Records, the debut EP from Owensboro, KY artist Shane Devon! 

Kaleb Fulkerson at Owensboro's Indie Connection says: "I LOVE the production quality. Shane Devon was smart to have a dominantly analog set-up including 4-tracks and reel-to-reels. The recordings are warm and lively. It even managed to impress me to learn he used a solid state amplifier for his guitars. The quality of the recordings is that nice. 'Strange New Thing' leaves the impression that this guy is beyond ready to come out of his shell and get the ball rolling. Being that it is already creating a nice buzz on Facebook and other sites, Shane Devon may have created a little monster. I want to see it grow." (

First pressing of the CD is limited to ONLY 50 COPIES.
5 hand-numbered, handmade covers will be randomly inserted into orders (signed by Shane Devon and Steve Grimes).

Track Listing
1. Strange New Thing
2. I Like You (I Do)
3. Good In The Morning
4. Sorry Entertainer (Daniel Johnston)
5. Nobody's Home
6. The Sun 

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