The Idiot Kids - 'Skeleton Boy' b/w 'Bonfire' 7"


The Idiot Kids represent the new age of Detroit rock 'n' roll. Presented here, for the first time anywhere, are two tracks by the band, recorded by Zach Shipps. On the A-Side is long-time live favorite 'Skeleton Boy', which will appear on the band's upcoming album. On the B-Side is 'Bonfire', a non-album track that's equally as fiery and ferocious as its predecessor. 

200 on Bone White Vinyl
110 on Pink Fink Vinyl (Tour Exclusive)
50 on Bone Marrow Splatter Vinyl pressed by Wax Mage Records
33 on Snakeskin Vinyl pressed by Wax Mage Records
??? on Wax Mage Mystery Vinyl pressed by Wax Mage Records

All SNAKESKIN VINYL records come coupled with autographed covers by the band and are numbered.

***PLEASE NOTE*** - the custom vinyl creations here are all unique and may vary in color or exact design. 

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