Trash Brats - "Out Of The Closet" LP

Trash Brats - "Out Of The Closet" LP

  • 2000

We're ecstatic to release, for the first time ever on vinyl, the 1996 Trash Brats album "Out Of The Closet"! Produced and recorded by Detroit stalwart Mike E. Clark (Insane Clown Posse, a million other great records, etc...), this first ever vinyl issue is fully remixed and remastered by Clark and the band from the original master tapes.

Every LP comes with a copy of the remastered album on CD. We also pride ourselves in the recreation of the original packaging, down to the CD face!

This is the most exciting passion project we've done in a long while and it represents the foundation of what will surely be many previously-unreleased-on-vinyl projects for Jett Plastic.

1. Eatin' Crow
2. Time Don't Wanna Tell
3. Landlord
4. Just Maybe
5. Valentine's Daydream
6. If I Was God

7. No Jangle Thrust
8. You Threw Me Away
9. Don't Add Up
10. Comfort Me With Lies
11. Teen Suicide Story
12. Working For Our Chains
13. If You Get It

125 pressed on pink vinyl
125 pressed on yellow vinyl

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