The Audionics


Founded by Detroit music veterans Leo Gillis II (Catalyst, XD Wei), Kerry Gluckman (THTX, Waka Jawaka) and Djeto Juncaj (Immigrant Suns), The Audionics are able to blend modern rock stylings with their own undeniable flair.
Gluckman has modified his kick-drum to give it the sound of a traditional bass. Juncaj handles the guitar parts along with playing the Santoor (Indian Hammered Dulcimer), Oud and other exotic instruments. The bottom end is created by Saxophonist Sheldon Santamaria, who plays through an octave divider.
Gillis adds his own unique vocal stylings over the rhythm, creating a cascade of sound that's entirely new. Not only is he the band's singer, but he's also the lyricist, able to tell unique 'stories' within the songs.

'Wait A Minute' b/w 'How Many More Times (Live)' 7" (JPR-008)