Bootsey X


Notes on Bootsey X by producer Matthew Smith: 
"Bootsey X, who passed away in 2013, was one of Detroit's most respected rock n' roll musicians.  In the late 70's, he was the drummer for punk legends the Ramrods, and also Coldcock.  Known as Robert Mulrooney in those days, he eventually became a lead singer and formed his own group, Bootsey X and the Lovemasters.
He also continued to play with numerous groups, including gigs with Ron Asheton and Niagara in the post-Destroy All Monsters unit Dark Carnival, playing in the early lineup of the maniacal garage band Rocket 455, recording and touring with soul legends Andre Williams and Nathaniel Mayer, as well as recording and playing onstage with Hollywood legend Kim Fowley.
After Bootsey was diagnosed with cancer, he decided he wanted to make a solo LP.  He asked many of his favorite musicians in town to play on it.  Bootsey was undergoing intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments at the time, but none of that stopped him from putting all of his energy into making this album.  
Bootsey X, for a lot of us, defined the whole Detroit rock n' roll energy/attitude/sensibility...and he wrote great lyrics too...and this album is his last work and his definitive statement" 
-Matthew Smith, Detroit, MI

'Women's Love Rites' LP (JPR-002)