Cosmic Light Shapes


Cosmic Light Shapes is the brainchild of Detroit musician-around-town Eugene Strobe (The Witches, The Sights, Gore Gore Girls) who has compiled these songs over many years of early solo works and demos, as well as co-writing some newer songs with drummer Zenas Jackson (You People, Siddhartha) & advised by spiritual conduit and dog wizard extraordinaire, bass guitarist, Adam James Fuller (the Phantom Cats, The Dead Wings).

Cosmic” as their fans lovingly refer to them, perform shows frequently in the Detroit area and have ventured out to play venues such as Brooklyn New York’s oldest bar, Hank’s Saloon. They have also taken the stage at birthday parties, public access variety shows, weddings, and acted as backing band and sung duets with distinguished personalities such as actress Patricia Arquette & comedian/actor Jon “Taco” Lajoie of TV show “The League.”

Cosmic Light Shapes as have also been endorsed by the late great rock guru/manager Kim Fowley, & they appear here for the first time on vinyl. Their sound has been described by fans as, “Alice Coltrane meets Neil Young’s apocalyptic dance squad” among other creative comparisons. Cosmic Light Shapes channel the galactic sonic-sound vibrations from lost extraterrestrial satellites near & far. — Imagine an AM radio traveling through outer space, powered by a combination of solar flare power & 9volt alkaline batteries

'Nebula' LP (JPR-015)