Grayling may very well be the greatest modern Detroit band. Formed by Jarrod Wolny, Shawn Gryzb and Dave Bingham in the mid-1990s, Grayling went on to gain local acclaim, but the band never broke outside of the Michigan state. Recording three albums with the original lineup, 'Symtoms,' 'Grayling' and 'The Time Was Now,' Wolny went on to record the album 'Spilling Over,' also under the Grayling moniker, with a new band, comprised of Wolny, Joe Leone (White Shag, Fletcher Pratt) and Greg Beyer (After Dark Amusement Park). Wolny recently got back into the studio with the original lineup and recorded an all new full length album, coming to vinyl on Jett Plastic in 2018.

Past and Present members of Grayling:
Jarrod Wolny (Vocals/Guitar)
Jackson Smith (Guitar)
John Henderson (Bass)
Dave Bingham (Bass)
Greg Beyer (Bass)
Joe Leone(Drums)
Shawn Gryzb (Drums)