Kenny Tudrick


Kenny Tudrick has played with bands in sold out stadiums and theaters and played and recorded with more well-established and inspiring songwriters and musicians than he can count. A native of Detroit, he has been fortunate enough to cultivate the timeless and harmonious sound that pulsates throughout the motor city, a place where the creative and the determined find immeasurable resources and inspiration among a seemingly bleak terrain. Kenny has released his debut, double album. This isn't the first time Tudrick has written entire albums full of songs. His early bands include Big Block, The Numbers, Bulldog and he's also written a few rock operas. He created Big Block around the time of the Minneapolis scene, looking up to other high strung rockers of the time while also keeping the r&b backbone that was effortlessly derived from his classic influences like Otis Redding and Pete Townsend. Kenny was writing amazing melodic rock songs, touring , and playing live shows like they were his last. He created the music with production and performance in mind for his frontman and himself to create a personae or dynamic for the band. Unfortunately, not every member was as optimistic about where the success of Big Block might lead them. This left Tudrick to start a new band in response to his disenchantment with the jolt of Big Block's breakup. With The Numbers, a three-piece that was driven by the energy that he wasn't able to see fulfilled previously, he released a cd that would make all of you mods proud. Waiting on business issues to be taken care of took the wind out of Kenny's sails when talk of a deal didn't happen. An entire year went slowly by.  In that time, Ken had recorded and toured with other bands while putting together another group called Bulldog, named after the first band he formed when he was nine years old. Kenny's Bulldog album captured the sound of a band of friends who gave the album a live recording vibe. It's melancholic rock and roll music that leaves you wanting more than the 11 songs on the record. The album was released as Bulldog in 2006 and rereleased under his own name in 2011 as the Bulldog album. Being wrapped up in other bands as a means of making ends met, his own projects were, once again, put on the back burner. After being a touring musician for years, Kenny Tudrick felt it was time to settle down to work on and release his own songs the best way he could express them. He has written and produced his self-titled debut double lp. Kenny plays guitars, drums, bass, some organ and a little mellotron on the album as well as all the vocals. Though he's played the role of lead guitarist in sold old arenas all over the country and played sold out theaters as boss drummer, too, the self-titled double album exposes poetic lyrics and soulful melodies that carry the humble message of love through the needle and straight to the heart. This is just the beginning of a canon of songs for everybody.

'Church Hill Downs' b/w 'Fairgrounds' 7" (JPR-006)