Rocket 455


Formed in 1992 after the breakup of the Nervobeats, Rocket 455's first lineup included Mark Walz, Jeff Meier, Dan Kroha, Marco Delicato, Tom Lynch and Tim O'Connell, going on to later include Robert Mulrooney (Bootsey X), Kenny Tudrick, Steve Nawara, and Chris Fachini. The band went on to release several 7" singles-including the first releases on Detroit labels Italy Records and Human Fly Records-along with a 10" EP released by Get Hip. Their JPR full-length compilation, 'Go To Hell,' is a must have, as is the 'Late Nite' 7". Quintessential Detroit rock. The White Stripes opened their very first show for Rocket, too. If that doesn't lend credibility, tell us what will!

'Go To Hell' LP (JPR-016)
'Late Nite' b/w 'Bone Broke' 7" (JPR-020)
Live In Detroit: Volume One DVD
Live In Detroit: Volume Two DVD