Troy Gregory


Troy Gregory might be part of the same Detroit garage rock scene that spawned the White Stripes, Electric Six, and the Von Bondies, but any similarity ends with the guitars and the geography. After four years as bassist for Arizona metal band Flotsam & Jetsam (he replaced Jason Newsted when Newsted joined Metallica), Gregory put in a short stint with Prong before starting the Witches, whose three albums bridge the considerable gap between the Stooges and the Archies. After recording his first solo album, Sybil, backed by a slew of different Detroit bands (including the Dirtbombs and Outrageous Cherry), Gregory played virtually every instrument on his 2004 follow-up, Laura, himself. He recorded his masterpiece double LP, 'Xaviera,' in 2016, and Jett Plastic is extremely excited to share it. Gregory's atmospheric recordings and brilliant compositions do not go unnoticed, and he is currently working on a new album with a new band, both titled 'Super Birthday.'