Tyson Meade


Often cited as The Godfather of Alternative Rock, Meade was the vocalist for Norman, OK based rock band Chainsaw Kittens, along with Defenestration. Meade was cited by Kurt Cobain as an influence, friends The Flaming Lips covered Tyson's song 'She's Gone Mad,' and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins credits the Chainsaw Kittens as one of his favorite bands, writing Meade during the recording of the SP album 'Gish' to express his appreciation. Meade released his debut solo album, 'Kitchens and Bathrooms,' in 2005, following with the albums 'Motorcycle Childhood' and 'Tomorrow In Progress,' with the latter being recorded and produced during Meade's extended stay in Shanghai, where a young violinist named Haffijy reignited Meade's passion for music. The new album, 'Robbing The Nuclear Family,' is out early 2017 on Jett Plastic.

'Stay Alone (For Haffijy)' b/w 'He's The Candy (A Theme)' 7" (JPR-028)
'Kitchens & Bathrooms' LP (JPR-035)
'Robbing The Nuclear Family' LP (JPR-045)