Bantam Rooster - “1995 Demo” EP

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In 1995, Bantam Rooster were readying tracks for the release of their debut album, “Deal Me In”. They assembled a quick and powerful demo tape, containing nine songs, with most being re-recorded for inclusion on the record. Some of the songs on the demo were left unreleased, with some even forgotten by Tom Potter, the singer/guitarist of Bantam Rooster. 

When preparing for their reunion show at this year’s JettBlast Fest, Potter happened across a cassette copy of the demo tape, suggesting a track for inclusion on the 2018 fest compilation. After transferring the tape, we decided to release the entire thing to vinyl! 

This 7” contains nine tracks by the original Bantam Rooster lineup (Tom Potter/Eric Cook), released for the first time ever. 

100 pressed on yellow vinyl with screenprinted covers by Tinker Tone Press, using the original cassette artwork.

Only one pressing- once these are gone, they’re GONE!

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