The ILL Itches - 'Hallelujah' b/w 'Revolving Door' 7"

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Jett Plastic Recordings is happy to announce our next release as the blistering sophomore 7" by Detroit band The ILL Itches. Throughout the band's career, they've opened for nationwide acts like The Buzzcocks and Dead Kennedys, in addition to working the hometown circuit.
The song on the A-Side of the 7", 'Hallelujah', was previously released on the follow up to the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit album, The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit, in 2013. This recording, however, is a completely new take, sonically brilliant, and re-recorded in Detroit. The B-Side, 'Revolving Door', is previously unreleased, and equally amazing.

The standard version of this 7" is limited to 300 copies on BLOOD RED vinyl.

The  EXCOMMUNICATED VARIANT  is limited to 50 copies on a mystery vinyl color, with a bonus item included with all EXCOMMUNICATED VARIANTS, only available here.
All Excommunicated Variant covers are silkscreened, signed, and numbered by artist Eric Von Munz.
Includes an exclusive 'CRYPT-O-GRAPH' poster autographed by the band which when used with the vinyl, decodes the lyrics to 'Hallelujah' and grants exclusive access to the band's unreleased EP.

The Sacred Variant is limited to 30 copies, pressed on Black and Red Splatter vinyl, and is coupled with an exclusive variant cover.

The MADNESS VARIANT is limited to 33 copies on random-colored Madness vinyl. (NOT FOR SALE)