Necros - "Live In '85"

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Recorded on 11/17/1985 at The Outhouse in Lawrence, KS, this full length album brings together 17 tracks recorded before the release of 'Tangled Up', the second (and sadly, final) studio album by the band. Emerging onto the hardcore scene in the early 80's, the Necros released a string of singles (Sex Drive EP, IQ32 EP, Conquest For Death 7") before the release of their first album, also titled Conquest For Death, which quickly became an irresistible and highly sought-after hardcore classic. This live album marks the first new live Necros recordings made officially available in over ten years, and the first 12" vinyl record by the band issued since 1987. Featuring the stunning Tangled Up era lineup of Barry Henssler (vocals), Andy Wendler (guitar), Ron Sakowski (bass) and Todd A. Swalla (drums), this album showcases a never before seen glimpse into the transformation between Conquest For Death and the Tangled Up album, along with many covers that would become staples in their live set, including Help (The Beatles), The Nile Song (Pink Floyd, with the studio version being issued as the B-Side of the 'Tangled Up' 7"), Pipeline (The Chantays) and Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas). The album also features newly found pictures, an original interview from 1985 to promote the show, and newly written liner notes by award-winning journalist Brian Smith.

Limited to 500 copies on Blood Red Vinyl
Second pressing of 500 copies on Grave Black Vinyl

1. Tangled Up
2. Face Forward
3. Noise
4. Gun
5. Crying Form
6. Black Water
7. Help
8. I Hate My School / Youth Kamp

1. Crash
2. Search For Fame
3. Power Of Fear
4. Open Wound
5. A.S.F.B.
6. The Nile Song
7. Pipeline / Walking The Dog


For this landmark release (JPR-010), we wanted to do something truly special, so we asked legendary poster artist Eric Von Munz to lend us a hand...
Since the Necros release is sourced from the original 1/4" reel to reel, we used the original cover to the tape box itself (as drawn by the original engineer of the album, John Cheney) coupled with a new back designed by Nicholas Gagnon of Obliquitous Art and Design
Eric Von Munz agreed to silkscreen the covers for the test pressings of the release, resulting in this very limited item you're looking at right now.

Only 50 test pressings were made, no more, no less, and all are encased in a hand numbered/signed 12" sleeve silkscreened by Eric Von Munz.

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For this variant of the Necros LP (JPR-010), we have a series of covers that have been salvaged from the remnants of tree souls. Each cover has been hand painted, assembled, and defaced in the B.o.M.B. Shelter (SOLD OUT)