After Dark Amusement Park - 'Atom Bomb' b/w 'Water & Wine' 7"

  • 600

Jett Plastic Recordings’ first release (JPR-001) will be one to remember, as After Dark Amusement Park are here to stay. The band, comprised of Greg Beyer (vocals/guitar). Eric Hoegemeyer (drums), and Troy Gregory (bass at live shows) has been making their Detroit rounds, and now you can see that Detroit is the musical epicenter for great acts when you spin this sweet slab of plastic on your turntable. The band holds an intense musical pedigree, comprised of former members of The Dirtbombs, Charm Farm, Gold Cash Gold, Ty Stone, Brownsville Station, The Witches, Grayling, Killing Joke, Andre Williams, and Outrageous Cherry just to name a few. After Dark Amusement Park and Jett Plastic Recordings’ debut 7” release features two songs, smash hit “Atom Bomb” (To be featured on ADAP’s forthcoming second album) and “Water & Wine” (a song exclusive to this vinyl release)

50 copies pressed on White Vinyl
75 copies pressed on Blue Vinyl
125 copies pressed on Black Vinyl in Glorious Glue Pocket Sleeves