The Britemores - "The Britemores"

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At long last, we're happy to present you with the debut LP by Detroit's 'The Britemores'! 

Nearly 30 years in the making, The Britemores is a collaborative effort featuring long-time Detroit musical allies Johnny Chan (New Dynasty 6, Split Signals), Jeff Meier (Detroit Cobras/Rocket 455/Nathaniel Mayer/Gino Washington), Jerry Barterian (Onset, Hysteric Narcotics) and Will Lorenz. Despite only being a band for a year, The Britemores have played countless local shows in addition to shows at venues like the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and The Bowery in New York City. Chan, a former resident of New York City, exemplifies the roughness of city-life in songs like ‘Grand River’, unrequited love in songs like ‘Words In The Air’ and ‘Shot Down Again’, and distinct rock anthems like ‘I’m Sick Of You’ and ‘You’re So Great’. The Britemores should not be pigeonholed into any certain genre, and this full-length LP co-produced by Meier and award winning producer Mike E. Clark (Insane Clown Posse, Kid Rock) should prove this to anyone.
Available in four exclusive color ways (Green/Red/Yellow/Red), 125 of each color have been pressed for the first run of this LP. Further pressings will be issued exclusively on black vinyl. 

1. I'm Sick Of You
2. Beg Borrow & Steal
3. On The Radio
4. Little Round Box
5. Words In The Air
6. I Know You Will
7. Skater Dater
8. I'm Mad She Said
9. Grand River
10. Perfect Day
11. You're So Great (Fred "Sonic" Smith)
12. Shot Down Again
Johnny Chan - Vox/Guitar
Jeff Meier - Guitar
Adam Stanfel - Bass
Jerry Barterian - Drums 
Will Lorenz - Bass
Nyssa Rosaleen - Vox
Steve Abrams - Pedal Steel

Produced By: Jeff Meier and Mike E. Clark

Artwork by Glen Michaels