The Buzzards - 'You Got Me Down' b/w 'Ain't Gonna' and 'TAQN!' 7"

  • 600

You might've heard them on the 2001 Jack White produced "Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit" album or their debut 7" 'The Shiver' released a few years back on Ziti Records...but regardless if you know them or not, The Buzzards are BACK!

This three song 7" is the first official release of Buzzards material in a while (last 7" was released in 2009!) and we're so happy to finally get this out there...literally years in the making!

The group formed out of the demise of the now legendary Dirtys, fronted by Buzzards conspirator Joe Dirty. Fellow Buzzards members include Mary Cobra (Detroit Cobras/Vertical Pillows), Nancy and Ellen Paterra and Nick Lloyd (The Dirtys). 

All three of these tracks were recorded at Ghetto Recorders by Jim Diamond (on 4/24/00 and 1/15/02 respectively) and both songs on the B-Side ('Ain't Gonna' and 'TAQN') are previously unreleased. A video for 'You Got Me Down', the tune on the A-Side, has been circulating the internet for years, famous for appearances by The White Stripes and The Dirtbombs. 

Now, onto the records themselves...
We decided to go completely crazy and do FOUR DIFFERENT COVERS for this release, all designed by Joe Dirty! The art is incredible and so are the back covers, featuring never before seen photographs of the band.

In addition to different covers, all four versions also have different colored vinyl!
Unmasked Shame Cover- YELLOW VINYL
Mick-O-Saurus Cover- RED VINYL
Butler Cover- GREEN VINYL
You Goth Me Down Cover- CLEAR VINYL

All versions are limited to 125 copies each, 500 total run.


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