The Holy Motors - "Slant Six" EP

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Ride With The Holy Motors
“Raw Rock 'n Roll”
Meet The Holy Motors, a hard rock power trio out of Chicago. Founded by guitarist Brandon Reed and bassist Brad Althaus in 2013 at Gunhed Studios, drummer Courtney Grove completed their driving sound. The group sites inspiration from The Stooges, The Cramps and Black Sabbath, creating a mixture strong enough to put out for the night.
The Holy Motors 7" Vinyl Debut

White Vinyl Variant
Limited to 100 copies for sale online

Black/White 'Smashed' Oil Spill Variant
Limited to 60 Copies for sale online

Black/White/Clear Splatter Variant
Limited to 60 Copies for sale online, Greenway Records Exclusive

Split label release with Greenway Records

Track List:
A1: Silver Forty Five
A2: Slant 6
B1: Lower case j
B2: No Fuss