Todd Albright - "Fourth Floor Visitor" LP

Todd Albright - "Fourth Floor Visitor" LP

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Todd Albright is a Country Blues, finger-style guitar player and singer living in Detroit, Michigan. An evening’s sonic evocations of pre-WWII Blues covers an extensive selection of material recorded in the 1920's and 30's. Playing on 6 and 12 string guitars, Todd brings to life an era composed of, among others—Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sylvester Weaver, Blind Blake, and Big Bill Broonzy, throwing in the occasional John Fahey number for good measure.
Todd’s history playing the Blues reaches 23 years, though he does not remember a time that a guitar wasn’t in his hands. He first heard the Country Blues at the age of thirteen, thanks to a gifted John Lee Hooker record from his sister. The experience was a profound one—the Blues felt right, and he immediately became a self-taught student of the genre aiming solely to interpret the sounds of the masters. Todd has performed across the Midwest both as a solo musician and alongside his band of 20 years, The Staving Chain, which specializes in the Delta Blues.

Contained here is Todd Albright's debut full length album, pure twelve-string acoustic blues.

1) Bad Dream Blues
2) Don't Forget It
3) Early Morning Blues
4) Leaving Blues
5) Smoke Town Strut

6) Something's Gotta Be Arranged
7) Special Rider Blues
8) Statesboro Blues
9) Stocking Feet Blues
10) Stomp Down Rider

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